My Father’s love for work and it’s ethics.

This is Venkat. Chandra SaaS is made as a tribute to my Father Shri. Chandrasekaran, whom I have always seen doing some work or the other. He was known for his integrity and honesty in an government organization where he served for over 20 years. Later, after his retirement, he used to help my Mom in managing home, served in the near by temple doing some physical work and also engaged himself in some work.

My Father inspired me through his way of living. He adopted “Karma Marga – The path of work” and never complained much about life and asked me to always believe that I will be successful.

My Father passed away on May 14th 2021, a month after I had lost my job in a SaaS company. ChandraSaaS is a tribute to my Father.

I love my Father’s innocence in this photograph moments before I asked him to smile.

My Father was worried about my career during his last days which deeply hurts me. So, I am determined to make ChandraSaaS a beautiful directory and Community for SaaS Startups, Professionals and founders.

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