Amazon CodeWhisperer: ML Coding Companion

AWS News, 23 June

An AI-powered coding companion called Amazon CodeWhisperer is now previewable. The product is the latest addition to the growing field of AI code completion solutions.

Video: Amazon CodeWhisperer

CodeWhisperer has the same objective and is powered by machine learning and trained on billions of lines of code.CodeWhisperer will increase your productivity whether you are a student, a novice developer, or a seasoned expert.

With support for numerous IDEs and languages, AWS is releasing CodeWhisperer in preview form. Install the appropriate AWS IDE Toolkit, enable the CodeWhisperer feature, enter your preview access code, and begin typing to get going.

Developers must stay current with a variety of programming languages, frameworks, software libraries, and well-known cloud services when producing code. With CodeWhisperer, they can speed up the development process by merely adding a comment to the code in their IDE.

In the source code editor, CodeWhisperer proposes a code snippet after automatically analyzing the comment and determining which cloud services and public libraries are most appropriate for the given task.

Code recommendations from CodeWhisperer are based on ML models that were trained on a range of data sources, including open-source code and Amazon. Developers have three options: accept the top recommendation, see other suggestions, or keep developing their own code.

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