What is SaaS?

What is SaaS?

While researching for an article about Microsoft SaaS maturity model, I was expecting to come across the original blog or information from Microsoft website but I only saw reference and was not able to spot the right URL. Eventually, I got below information courtesy of EMEA Architect Forum. Courtesy of Microsoft. WHAT IS SOFTWARE AS … Read more

Qwary Review, Features and Pricing

Qwary Review

Research on one the best feedback management software – Qwary Reviews About Qwary Qwary is a feedback management software. The company also categorizes the product as an experience management¬†platform since it’s not just a survey software. Qwary can be used to get feedback from your customers and also as an internal tool to get feedback … Read more

Convertx.io Review, Features and Pricing


Convertx.io reviews: Information on Convertx features and pricing About Convertx Convertx is a SaaS product for eCommerce Startups. It helps you convert abandoned stripe checkoutsessions. Convertx Features 1.Intuitive dashboard2.Automated emails for better ecommerce conversion.3.The automated emails could include a discount code. How it works 1. User leaves the Checkout and forgets to pay or probably … Read more

Export SDK

Export SDK

Export SDK Reviews, Features and Pricing About Export SDK Export SDK is a toolkit for generating PDFs. With a visual template builder, API, SDK, and no-code integrations, you can easily design and generate PDFs. Export SDK Features 1.A visual template builder with a lot of flexibility. 2.Export SDK allows you to rapidly create templates and … Read more

Pipedrive Review

Pipedrive Sale CRM

Research on one of the leading Sales CRM in the market. About Pipedrive Pipedrive is a customer relationship management application for sales professionals that teams of all sizes adore. I have been tracking the growth of Pipedrive for years and feel happy to write about the product. Pipedrive Features 1.One of the best sales CRM … Read more

100ms Live Video SDK

100ms live Video conferencing PAAS

What is 100ms live video SDK? Using the 100ms Video SDK, developers can quickly and easily create video infrastructure for audio rooms, virtual events, and classrooms. The live Video SDK is equipped with a large number of pre-built templates, allowing developers to proceed with audio rooms, virtual events, and classrooms with only a few lines of … Read more