Freelance Management Software

Freelance Management Software

Research on the best freelance talent management software and systems. What is Freelance Management Software? Startups and mid-size to large enterprise organizations use freelance management software, often known as FMS, to assist in hiring, onboarding, organizing, paying and keeping track of freelance workers. As more and more firms hire experts from the gig economy, independent … Read more

The Best Landing Page Optimization Tools

Landing Page Optimization tool

Research on the best landing page optimization tools About uses artificial intelligence to automate AB testing process of your landing pages. How it works 1.Create variations of landing pages. 2.Integrate a small javascript snippet or use plugin. 3.Run the first AB testing experiment. uses evolutionary algorithm to create the best … Read more

8 Elements of Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy

Elements of Digital Marketing Strategy Visual Story for Digital Marketing Strategy by Venkat Ads: Freshmarketer – Marketing Automation Software Digital Marketing Strategy for your Startup should include various elements. I have listed a few key components to ensure your marketing plan has everything to go live. 1.Create Customer Profiles that Converts 2. Brand message in … Read more

Top Text to Speech Software

Text to Speech Software

Research of Live Text to Speech and AI Voice, Podcasting SaaS Products What is TTS – Text to Speech Technology? Artificial intelligence has changed the way we could think of creating a naturally sounding software-generated voice. Today, it is possible for software to read digital text — the words displayed on computers and smartphones in … Read more

Intuit has agreed to acquire Mailchimp for $12 billion

Intuit Mailchimp acquisition

Intuit (Nasdaq: INTU), the global technology platform powering TurboTax, QuickBooks, Mint, and Credit Karma, has agreed to buy Mailchimp, a world-class, email marketing, customer interaction and marketing automation platform for growing small and mid-market businesses. Ads – Top Live Chat Software The anticipated acquisition of Mailchimp by Intuit for around $12 billion in cash and stock will … Read more

Funding News: Agile Robots, Olio, Solugen, Teatis, Papaya Global, Kashat

Agile Robots, Olio, Solugen, Teatis, Papaya Global, Kashat

Startup Funding News – Issue 3 – September 13th 2021 Ads – Top Live chat software Agile Robots  1.AGILE ROBOTS has completed a Series C round of US$220 million funding backed by SoftBank Vision Fund 2. About Agile Robots The ultimate goal of Agile Robots AG is to make robots smarter, allowing people to work even closer with their … Read more