Canva review: Is this the best free graphic design software?

Canva Review, Features and Pricing – Research on the most affordable and free graphic design software.

What is Canva?

Canva is a free graphic design tool used for creating logos, invitations, business cards, ebooks, Facebook and Instagram posts, social media ads, and promotional videos, among other things.

Master the skills of a professional graphic designer using Canva.

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About the free version of Canva

There are various online graphic design tools available that are completely free to use. Canva is the finest of the best, even when it comes to the free edition of the software.

Canva free graphic design software features

Why do I believe Canva is the best free graphic design software?

Canva’s free version offers a limited number of templates, some royalty-free images, and a few graphic elements such as icons and an avatar to use.

I know people who have been successful using the free edition of Canva for a long period of time. In the first week of using the software, I decided to upgrade, especially since I got assignments that allowed me to earn money through the designs I created with Canva.

When you use Canva’s free version, you’ll be charged $1 for each premium image you want  to use in your design.

Canva graphic design platform vs. Adobe Photoshop

Despite the fact that I am not a professional designer, I have been using Adobe Photoshop for over 20 years. Photoshop is definitely a professional graphic design software, but it comes with its own set of drawbacks.

The learning curve is excessively steep, and it’s also too expensive. The Adobe Creative Suite is not affordable for everyone.

Canva is an affordable and easy-to-use graphic design software.

I discovered Canva while working on the ChandraSaaS network of SaaS directories. I signed up right away and began using the design tool. I should emphasize that, out of the hundreds of SaaS applications I’ve tried for free, Canva is the one that I instantly upgraded to premium.

The reason for this is that I’ve started using Canva for everything I do with my WordPress website, designing social media posts, and editing videos.

What exactly do you get with a Canva Pro subscription?

A Canva pro account gives you the opportunity to add up to 30 team members to your account, allowing you to collaborate on graphic design projects throughout the process. They also have  millions of high-resolution photos, graphical elements, animations, audio tracks, and video templates available to customers. 

Video editing using Canva

Recently, the Canva video editing tool has also made it possible for graphic designers to  transition into the role of professional video editors. The best aspect about Canva pro is that you can save your designs as templates, which you can then sell to other Canva designers as well as to other customers.

Canva Pro features

Canva Pro Plan comes with the following features.

1.Brand Kit Pro, which helps you to create a brand and visual identity by uploading your own logos, fonts, and even a color palette automatically from the colors used in the logo or other brand assets. 

2.You can download images in PNG format as transparent images. This is beneficial for many design requirements.

3.Canva claims that they have more than 450,000 premium templates with which you can create beautiful and impressive designs instantly.

  1. Don’t spend money on premium stock photography or stock videos.

Canva pro comes with more than 80 million royalty-free photographs, videos, and graphic elements. So, you don’t have to spend extra money to buy premium quality stock photos.

5.Beautifully composed and produced royalty-free music

Canva pro, to my surprise, had several audio tracks to use to create marketing colletrals. I regularly use the audio tracks available with the pro subscription.

6.Create unlimited folders to organize your files

Creating graphic designs for several brands requires you to keep your templates, logos, and marketing materials in an organized manner.

Canva pro gives you the ability to create an unlimited number of folders. A marketing agency can organize their design work by creating folders for each of their clients or design category, and then labelling them as such.

7.100 GB of storage.

When you subscribe to the Canva pro plan, you can upload and store photos and other marketing assets in 100 GB of storage space.

Canva Integration

Canva integrates with hundreds of popular SaaS products and apps. Here’s some of the famous apps Canva integrates with.

Google Drive, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, OneDrive, LinkedIn, Slack.
Companies like HubSpot,Whattpad, Upshow and PandaDoc are using Canva Button to offer design functionality.

What is Canva Button?

Product teams can integrate the Canva Button with only a few lines of code, making it an amazing low-effort integration for bringing design experience to their own users through their own platforms.

Canva Pro Pricing

Annual Pricing: $119.99

Monthly Pricing: $12.99

Canva Review: Conclusion

I am a fan of Canva and obviously I will recommend you to upgrade to Canva Pro subscription after having a free trial. But if you cannot afford to pay for a pro version, continue to use Canva for free. You can still create wonderful design assets and marketing materials, eBooks with the free version of Canva.

I will be happy if you signup for Canva through the links in this website as it supports my work.

More information about Canva, Inc.

What can you design using Canva’s graphic design tool?

Here’s all the stuff I design using Canva which I will also teach you to design.

1.Logo design.

2.Social media graphics.


4.Posters and flyers for digital use and also print quality posters.



7.Video Editing.


and much more. 

Canva Founders

Canva Founders

Melanie Perkins
Clifford Obrecht
Cameron Adams

Headquarters: Sydney, Australia

Products offered by Canva

1.Free version of Canva,

2.Canva Pro,

3.Canva for Enterprise,

4.Canva for Education

Canva Logo

Canva Logo

Canva funding

Canva, Inc received total funding of $572.6 million.

October 2015

Series A Funding: $15 million

September 2016

Series B funding: $15 million

January 2018

Series C funding: $40 million

May 2019

Series D funding: 70 million

October 2019

Series E funding: 85 million

September 2021

Canva received $200 million funding with a valuation of $40 Billion.


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