Newsletter directories to get more subscribers

Newsletter directories

Top Newsletter Directories to increase your subscribers I wanted to genuinely create a platform where I can list newsletters and also collect stories from Newsletter creators about their experiences through interviews. I was also fascinated by Newsletters and felt it will be a great initiative as a part of ChandraSaaS to interact with founders and … Read more

Top VC and Funding Newsletters sent daily

Funding Newsletters

Daily funding newsletter: VC, Angel investment, PE activities in the Startup world Why should you subscribe to daily funding Newsletters? It’s important to keep track of VC activities and Funding news if you are an Entrepreneur, especiallyin the tech space. I myself plan to do daily videos on top funding activities happening around the world … Read more

Lazo Letters features stories that gives a glimpse into life around the globe

Lazo Letters

I feel happy to feature Cristina Maza, a journalist who launched and maintains Lazo Letters. Tell us about yourself or your company. My name is Cristina Maza and I’m a U.S.-based journalist writing about foreign policy and international affairs. Besides the United States, I’ve lived in and reported from Central America, Central Asia, Western Europe, … Read more

Learn how Ilya has built, a Newsletter to discover Micro Startups for sale

Micro Startups

Learn how Ilya has built Newsletter I feel happy to feature Ilya in my first interview at ChandraSaaS Tell us about and a few words about your past experiences? I am a developer and designer. Learning marketing and love building startups. is a newsletter to discover the best micro-startups for sale. Join hundreds of … Read more