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Research on the best community software platforms and solutions in 2022 Community Management Software for Creator Economy

About is a SaaS product that enables creator economy professionals to create their own online community. While millions of Facebook groups continue to grow, there is one significant advantage in creating your own community. You will have complete control over your members and will be able to charge them a monthly membership fee, allowing you to generate recurring income.

Not everyone can make money from the communities they create, but you can absolutely use Circle  as an add-on to your existing customers. Use Cases

1.Online course makers can use to launch their student community.

2. SaaS startups make use of to build their customer communities.

3. Musicians, podcasters, bloggers, and YouTubers can use this great community SaaS software to build their own fan communities.

Single Sign-on in offers Single Sign-On with several platforms like Memberstack, Teachable, Twitter, Facebook, Bubble, WordPress, Outseta and more. Pricing

Basic: $39/month

Professional: $79/month

Enterprise: $199/month

Video: Review

I also wrote a complete analysis of Circle and posted it on our exclusive website: Review.

2. Customizable Community Software


This is one of my favorite SaaS-based online community software platforms, and it is one that I strongly suggest. The Toronto-based SaaS business has created an incredible collection of social interaction tools that can be used to manage a thriving online community. use cases

1.Those who are self-employed or part of the creative economy who wish to create their own standalone community portal.

2.Business professionals who wish to incorporate into their existing products and websites.

3.Academicians who desire to develop a community website for their online courses.

4.SaaS companies can use to build a customer community around their products. features

1.One of the most useful feature is its ability to personalize and customize all areas of the community platform.

2.The flexibility and feature-rich nature of Tribe allows both enterprise customers and experts in the creator economy to quickly and simply create their own online community.

3.Tribe is a fantastic alternative to traditional knowledge management tools. Both large corporations and small businesses can benefit from using it to build an internal knowledge base.

4.Create widgets to incorporate essential community components into your product or ecommerce shop. The widgets can also be tweaked to reflect your company’s branding standards.

5.Launch the community with your own custom domain name. Pricing



Premium: $239/month

Video: Review

Exclusive review of Tribe in : Review

3. Hivebrite

Hivebrite founded in the year 2015 has created a strong solution that allows their clients to easily brand, manage and engage their online communities. Hivebrite has a simple, clear and concise user interface design.

Paid communities using Hivebrite:

With Hivebrite’s features, it is possible to monetize your online community. If you have a website, you can take payments for membership due and sell tickets to your paid events through the SaaS platform.

Hivebrite Pricing

Hivebrite is an enterprise grade community software platform. So, you might have to reach out to their sales team to learn about their pricing.

Hivebrite video


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4. eXo Platform

eXo Platform is a digital collaboration platform that is easy to use and open source.

You can also utilize it as a platform for your employees to share knowledge with one another, instead of an exclusive knowledge base software.

eXo Platform, a social collaboration platform, allows you to connect your staff, clients, and partners in real time through a social collaboration solution. The product is employee-centric, highly secure, and extremely flexible. 

eXo Platform use cases

The eXo platform is suitable for large enterprise organizations and public administrations.

eXo platform Pricing

1.Free trail
2.Professional Plan – $6/user/month
3.Enterprise Plan – $27,500/year
4.Enterprise Plus Plan – $50,000/Year

Video: eXo platform


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