8 Elements of Digital Marketing Strategy

Elements of Digital Marketing Strategy

Visual Story for Digital Marketing Strategy by Venkat

Digital Marketing Strategy for your Startup should include various elements. I have listed a few key components to ensure your marketing plan has everything to go live.

1.Create Customer Profiles that Converts

Customer Profiles and segmentation for Digital marketing strategy

2. Brand message in Digital Marketing

The Value your company brings to your customers.

3. Customer Journey in Marketing Plan

Marketing message should be created for customers in various stages of their product need and customer journey

Customer Journey in Digital Marketing plan

4. Email Marketing

Emails continue to dominate the digital marketing stack as it enables nurturing the prospects & creates trust factor on your brand.

Email Marketing Strategy

5. Paid Marketing – PPC, Search and Display Advertising

SEO is essential but it is a long term vision. Choose to advertise on Google Ads, Facebook Ads or any media that drives result for your product.

Paid marketing Strategy

6. Video Marketing is changing the digital marketing landscape

Videos boosts conversion, help in creating awareness of your product, customer retention and influence your prospect to buy.

7. Marketing Automation

Marketing automation helps you to be organized & enhances creativity enabling you to create personalized content & efficient customer experience. There are more than 1,000 SaaS Products catering marketing automation process.

8. Content

Content obviously is always the king. It creates brand awareness, drives growth and eventually leads to sales. Maintain a content calendar that’s actionable.

Content Marketing Strategy

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