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Freshdesk Messaging helps you to engage with your customers at every interaction. If you are into any kind of digital business, you should try and experience Freshchat for free.

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Freshdesk Messaging: Live Chat Software, Messenger and Bot

Freshchat, also known as Freshdesk messaging, was introduced in 2017 as a simple website chat software. In my WordPress blog, I was utilising it to chat with my customers. Freshchat as a product has evolved over time and now includes a variety of features.

With Freshdesk Messaging, you can communicate with your customers on the channels they use and quickly guide them to find answers they are looking for.

One inbox for all communications

View all client communications in one location, regardless of where they originated – in-app chat, internet chat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, iMessage, and more. Customers can get help via a variety of messaging apps and devices.

Self-service messaging software

Chatbots can be built once and then deployed across all messaging apps and devices. All of this is done automatically: answer queries, assist consumers to a resolution, and gently escalate to an agent. Freshchat is a seamless messaging software.

Affordable live chat and messaging software

Reduce the amount of money you spend on customer service. To scale effectively, go from expensive and slow channels to cost-effective modern messaging.

Freshdesk messaging Customers 

Freshchat or Freshdesk messaging is used by 50,000 Businesses

Some of the Freshchat customers includes

Harvey Norman, Dunzo, Klarna, Bluenile, Discover, Decathlon, Delivery Hero, Instantprint, Makemytrip,
BEL USA and more.



  • Growth – $15/User/Month
  • Pro – $39/User/Month
  • Enterprise- $69/User/Month

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Curated updates about Freshdesk Messaging Team

Answer your Customer queries from Facebook Messenger through Freshdesk Messaging

Freshdesk Messaging and Facebook Messenger integration.

Freshdesk messaging has a seamless integration with Facebook Messenger, allowing you to quickly and securely connect to your account.

All messages sent through Facebook Messenger are routed to one inbox in Freshdesk messaging, allowing your customers to contact you from wherever they are.

With a single Freshdesk messaging account, you can manage multiple Facebook pages. Toggle it off if you want to stop receiving messages from a certain Facebook business page.

Freshdesk Messaing update 2 – Live Chat Statistics from their blog

The use of WhatsApp for customer service has increased by 219 % worldwide.

Customer service directors in multinational corporations are increasing their investments in live chat and messaging by 36%.

When it comes to chat assistance, 69 % prefer communicating with a human agent rather than a chatbot.


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