Learn how Ilya has built Microns.io, a Newsletter to discover Micro Startups for sale

Learn how Ilya has built Microns.io Newsletter

I feel happy to feature Ilya in my first interview at ChandraSaaS

Tell us about Microns.io and a few words about your past experiences?

I am a developer and designer. Learning marketing and love building startups. Microns.io is a newsletter to discover the best micro-startups for sale. Join hundreds of other entrepreneurs, investors, and indie hackers looking for their next acquisition opportunity.

What’s unique about Microns.io compared to other Startup acquisition platforms?

Quality, and we are only for micro-projects. I talk to every founder personally and create an appropriate listing. All startups have customers, potential, and some revenue. You can learn more from my video .

How big is your team?

It’s just me

What email marketing software do you use to send your Newsletters?

I use Revue

Tell us about your family and the place you live

I am from Kyiv, Ukraine. Having a wife and cat.6. You can subscribe from Microns.io website. In addition, you can follow me on Twitter. Also, in a month, I will launch my blog with interviews, so stay tuned.

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Good luck Ilya.


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