Jon Prosser reveals the 2022 ‘iPhone 14’ just days before the ‘iPhone 13’ debut.

Jon Prosser reveals iPhone14 that Apple planned to be release in 2022

A year before the projected release of the “iPhone 14,” Jon Prosser, Creator of FrontPageTech has revealed renderings of the device, which depict a design that is devoid of both the notch and the camera hump, among other features.

A report from Front Page Tech claims that the “iPhone 14” will have minor design modifications that will answer many of the criticisms from users.

So what does Jon Prosser claims that iPhone14 will have?

  1. The hole-punch style camera has taken the place of the huge notch,
  2. The rear of the device is now flush with the rest of the device due to the absence of a camera bump.
  3. Volume nob is round like iPhone4

Jon in his blog Front Page Tech has more about iPhone14 – He has an amazing augmented reality footage. Additional renders of the phone and also high-resolution press shots.


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