Lazo Letters features stories that gives a glimpse into life around the globe

I feel happy to feature Cristina Maza, a journalist who launched and maintains Lazo Letters.

Tell us about yourself or your company.

My name is Cristina Maza and I’m a U.S.-based journalist writing about foreign policy and international affairs. Besides the United States, I’ve lived in and reported from Central America, Central Asia, Western Europe, the Balkans, the Caucasus, Southeast Asia, and the United Kingdom.

I launched the Lazo Letters newsletter to inform my audience about stories taking place internationally that aren’t receiving a lot of attention. We often go deep into the weeds about niche topics or interview people who aren’t normally featured in the news cycle.

Tell us about your Newsletter and the content it carries.

Lazo Letters bring weekly news from around the world – especially niche stories undercovered by many larger publications – and interviews with leading experts on all things international. These conversations are personal and informal, and they give a glimpse into life around the globe.

What email marketing software do you use to send your Newsletters?

I use the platform Ghost.

How can people subscribe to your Newsletter and what are your other web resources they could follow you?

People can subscribe to my newsletter by clicking here: Lazo Letters

They can also follow me on Twitter: or check out my website:

Good luck Cristina .


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