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Research of Live Chat Software and AI Chat bot Solutions

Why are live chat software solutions so important to your business?

Offering customer service through a live chat widget on the website and even within the product has become a new normal. The first time I appreciated such instant answers from a customer service agent through live chat within the product was when I was using an email marketing software. Today, I specifically chose my web hosting company for a similar live chat support system. I can reach out to the customer service agents just as soon as I face an issue. 

Having said that, I am currently using a community management software in which they still only use email for customer service, which is too old school. I have already clarified to them that I am not happy with their turn around time for support tickets. 

Live chat software Use cases

I believe most of you have already gotten used to Live Chat customer and sales support. Live chat software is used by B2B organizations like multinational banks or insurance providers. It is also used by small businesses, manufacturing companies, and, most importantly, ecommerce shops. If you are running a blog, a live chat app could help you connect with your visitors instantly. 

Freshdesk Messaging Live Chat Software

1. Freshdesk – Messaging

Live chat software button
Live chat software button

Key features of using Freshdesk messenger as your live chat software

1. Intelligently route chat messages

Running a Customer Support or Sales team requires empathy. Freshdesk messenger allows you to route messages to your team members based on their current work load and skill levels. Monitor the in-flow of customer queries or Sales questions and set limit on active chat’s happening per agent.

2. AI-Powered bot and conversation API

Freshdesk Messaging offers a modern customer service platform by providing AI-powered chatbots. This saves previous time of your customers by helping them get answers instantaly and also enables your agents to focus on important issues.

Messages are also routed to the right agent and which significantly reduces your average handle time. Setting up the bot also can be done quickly using bot templates. Conversation APIs lets you connect to your bespoke chat bot build internally.

3.Offer customer support through a multitude of channels

Help your customers right where they are. Freshdesk messenger allows you to connect with WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, Line, your website, app and other cloud messaging platforms like Line. Thus, you get an omnichannel experience offering sales and customer support in one single inbox.

Pricing : Freshdesk messenger pricing starts from $15/month

Information about the parent company – Freshworks

Founder CEO – Girish Mathrubootham, Freshworks

Headquarters – San Mateo, California, United States, Year Founded: 2010

Employees – 4,800 to 5000

Revenue – ₹4B+

LiveChat Software and Chatbot solutions

2. LiveChat: LiveChat software and Chatbot solution

LiveChat is one of the earliest companies to get into the LiveChat software business. This was followed by several SaaS Tech founders. There are hundreds of live chat startups today, but LiveChat continues to be an excellent live chat software and chatbot solution provider. The reason? They have consistently developed their core products and offerings.

LiveChat Customers

Today, LiveChat serves over 33,000 companies, including Mercedes Benz, Adobe, Unilever, and PayPal.

LiveChat Integration

LiveChat can also be integrated with your Apple Business Chat, Apps, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp and more than 200 apps.  There are a few who own their own eCommerce stores on Shopify and are looking for the best live chat software. You should try liveChat.

I love this copy on their homepage-“Offer a superb customer experience” and I believe it. You will be able to do exactly that when you choose the LiveChat app.

Key features of LiveChat

Effective team management: Examine the performance of each one of your agents.

Chat Supervision: Use supervision to keep an eye on your agents’ work and to assist them when they require assistance.

Chat widget personalization: You may customize the chat widget by changing the theme, colors, and location to meet your branding and website design or your product’s user experience design.

LiveChat Pricing

Starter – $16/month

Team – $33/month

Business – $50/month

and Enterprise version for large organizations and Fortune 500 companies.

Information about LiveChat

Founders – Founders Maciej Jarzebowski, Mariusz Cieply, Szymon Klimczak

CEO – Mariusz Cieply

Office: Boston MA, Wroclaw, Poland, Year Founded: 2002

Employees: 200 to 250

Jivochat Affordable Website live chat software

3. JivoChat

Live chat software button
Live chat software button

Key Features of JivoChat

1.Administration Module

With JivoChat’s easy and user-friendly administration interface, you’ll always have the most up-to-date information on your team’s and customers’ activities. Agent performance can also be tracked via an agent report.

2. Boost Sales performance

JivoChat was built to grow your business through live chat service. Thanks to JivoChat’s effective and easy-to-use features, site conversion can be boosted by up to 5 times, and average checkout total can be increased by up to 2 times. Several tech entrepreneurs and sales professionals using JivoChat have experienced an increase in sales. 

3. Seamless integration of JivoChat with your CRM

When you connect WhatsApp to Jivo, you can handle requests more quickly, keep track of their progress, and store all messages in the customer card rather than on the staff’s smartphones. 

4. WhatsApp business and JivoChat

When you connect WhatsApp to Jivo, you can handle requests more quickly, keep track of their progress, and store all messages in the customer card rather than on the staff’s smartphones. The connectivity between JivoChat and WhatsApp business also allows all your employees to work with a single phone number and swiftly address customer issues.

JivoChat Pricing

Basic Version – $0/month ( Free for 5 agents)
Professional Version – $19/agent/month

Information about JivoChat

Co-founder & CEO at JivoChat Inc – Timur Valishev

Co-founder and CTO – Nikolay Ivannikov.

Office – Wilmington, Delaware, Founding year – 2012

In June 2021, Russia’s largest credit union bank and FinTech company, Sber acquired JivoChat for over $20 million.


I will be continuously adding more Live Chat and Chatbot software products and enterprise solutions to this page. Write to me to get listed on the top of this page. I will also be doing an in-depth review of each one of these live chat platforms in the weeks to come. 


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