Newsletter directories to get more subscribers

Top Newsletter Directories to increase your subscribers

I wanted to genuinely create a platform where I can list newsletters and also collect stories from Newsletter creators about their experiences through interviews.

I was also fascinated by Newsletters and felt it will be a great initiative as a part of ChandraSaaS to interact with founders and creators of Newsletters.

My inspiration to make this section happened only after I discovered a few amazing Newsletter directories. So, here are some of the best newsletter directory to consider submitting your Newsletter.

Top Newsletter Directory

1.Newsletter Spotlight

Ours is a simple platform to discover good Newsletters and also interviews from Newsletter creators and writers. I also have a provide a “Award Certification” as way of recolonizing the newsletter creator and their team’s effort. Write to me to feature your Newsletter.

Why I created Newsletter Growth?

My goal is to help newsletter creators get more subscribers and also help writers, founders and designers to get inspiration while structuring and designing their newsletters. Increasing subscriber count is one of the biggest challenges of newsletter makers but I personally feel you should focus more on satisfying existing audience and ensuring they continue to support your writings by subscribing forever.

I am also planning to do video interviews of Newsletter creators.

2. is one of my favorite newsletter directory which helps you to explore over 500 newsletters to find ones based on the topics you love. They also have a thriving Newsletter Creators’ Club that is active. A community of over 1,500 newsletter aficionados who share thoughts, advice, and ideas on everything connected to newsletters, including technical, growth and monetization issues.


InboxStash is a directory of newsletters, a platform for email lovers and also a Community of newsletter creators that are learning, building, and growing newsletters in their own niche industries.


Mereku is a well built newsletter discovery platform. I like the UX design of Mereku. Mereku (pronounced “may-ray-ku”) is a social discovery network for informative, distinctive, and diversified newsletter writing.


One of the most beautiful newsletter inspiration and discovery website. has a curated collection of Discovery emails for reference and inspiration. Each review offers a comprehensive preview of the email design as well as other significant features. The founder also makes amazing videos on YouTube doing reviews of newsletter design.

6.Discover by Revue

Revue has developed a newsletter directory to help you find your favorite editorial newsletters. Each editorial newsletter contains significant editorial content directly in the email; there are no blog notifications or auto-generated lists of links. This is one of the reason I love discover by Revue. Being a newsletter company acquired by Twitter, they maintain their standards and ethics.

They also avoided any email marketing campaigns or direct advertisements; while the authors of the editorial newsletter may have a commercial interest, the goal of the newsletters chosen does not urge you to buy.

7. Newsletter Junkie

Newsletter Junkie offers a diverse selection of newsletter categories from which to choose based on your own interests. Art to business, culinary to design, education to lifestyle, and many more topics are covered. They’re also interested in hearing from you about how they can make it easier for loyal subscribers to find and engage with newsletters.

8. Inbox Reads lists some of the best newsletters to subscribe in various topics. The topics are clearly
listed on top of their homepage. The newsletter topics include tech, marketing, travel, food, sports,
Startups, Dev, Science, Remote work, Design, Crypto, Politics, Health, Music, Gaming, News, Jobs, Investing
and Productivity.

How to get more newsletter subscribers?

1.Build a brand people love

People should like what you do. So, focus on branding strategies for your newsletter.

2. Keep your email newsletter signup form crisp.

Do not expect your visitors to spend over a few seconds filling forms.

3. Offer eBooks or educational course to encourage visitors to subscribe.

4. Organize events of webinars related to the newsletter topic.

5. Newsletter Signup form on Pop-ups

This is old school but even today, placing newsletter pop-ups on website works.

6.Blog about benefits your newsletter offers

Write few blogs especially to convey your visitors the value your newsletter
might bring to them.

7. Introduce your newsletter on all social channels. Consistently inform about
your newsletter through videos. Videos makes people believe in you and encourages
them to signup.

8. A landing page to get more newsletter subscribers is a must.

9. Show people a sample of your newsletter content. This will encourage them to signup.

10.Offer exclusive benefits only for subscribers which will influence them to subscribe to your newsletter.

I will be writing an exclusive article with some tips to increase your newsletter subscribers but if you follow above growth hacking techniques, you will certainly enhance your subscriber base.

Inspire and Motivate your newsletter subscribers

I will keep tracking some of the best newsletter directories and discovery platforms and list them in this page. Getting more subscribers to your newsletter should not be your only goal. Ensure that you do some good karma to your subscribers.

Spread good news. Write about positive side of any industry or life. The world needs more inspiration and people who bring happiness to others.


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