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About Qwary

Qwary is a feedback management software. The company also categorizes the product as an experience management platform since it’s not just a survey software. Qwary can be used to get feedback from your customers and also as an internal tool to get feedback from your employees. You can use Qwary to learn about your employees’ experiences in the organization. 

Qwary Review | Learn about this fast growing Survey Software and Feedback Management Platform

Qwary Use Case 

1.Qwary is used by professionals in various industries.

2.Retail firms use Qwary to get consumer feedback about products.

3.Healthcare organizations can inform them about their services.

4.Banking and financial institutions can also use Qwary to learn more about their customers and how they feel about the products or services being offered?

5.Logistics companies.

Basically, Qwary can be used for both small businesses and also enterprise customers.

Qwary Features

1.Qwary is one of the best enterprise feedback management platforms, providing video surveys at an affordable price. Even large companies do not offer such a video feedback tool.

2.Survey Reporting 

Qwary helps you get amazing reports that are visual and clear. The standard report supports various charts such as bar charts, pie charts, column charts, line charts, sentimental breakdowns, NPS Breakdowns, and word clouds.

3.Create surverys in multiple languages.

Qwary has an excellent translation API that can translate your survey into over 100 languages. So, You have the flexibility to create surveys and get feedback from non-English-speaking customers too.

4.Let your customers decide how they want to respond to your surveys.

Qwary gives your customers 3 options to respond to your questions. They could be either type the questions, Record the answers in audio format or record them as video answers and send them to you.

5.Ability to create surveys in multiple channels.

6.You can do ratings and text analysis of the survey.

7. NPS,CSAT, CES are all possible with Qwary.

Qwary Pricing

The ability to take surveys through SMS and Facebook Messenger.

Qwary allows you to revolutionize the traditional survey model with text and chat surveys. You can conduct surveys through SMS text and also through Facebook Messenger.

Basic- $19/Month
Advance – $49/MonthPro – $99/Month
1,000 Responses/Month5,000 Responses/Month7,500 Responses/Month
Unlimited SurveysMultilingual SurveysCustom CSS & JS
Video SurveysTranslation APISentimental Analysis
Share via EmailFacebook Messenger SurveysAPI Access
Zapier IntegrationsRemove Qwary BrandingGoogle Analytics Integration
Standard ReportingCX Reports (NPS/CSAT/CES)Salesforce & Hubspot Integration
Pricing information of Qwary Feedback Management and Survey Software.

Qwary Videos: AI Professional Video Survey

More information about Qwary

Founding year: 2020


Herndon, Virginia

Founders of Qwary

Manoj Rana and Vishal Rana.


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