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What is TTS – Text to Speech Technology?

Artificial intelligence has changed the way we could think of creating a naturally sounding software-generated voice. Today, it is possible for software to read digital text — the words displayed on computers and smartphones in the voice format — using text-to-speech (TTS) technology. In addition, it is referred to as speech synthesis, which is the artificial production of natural human speech.

Almost all the leading Enterprise cloud service providers offers Voice-API. Example – Text can be converted into natural-sounding speech using an API backed by Google’s artificial intelligence algorithms.

Google Cloud Text-to-Speech technology takes advantage of DeepMind’s pioneering WaveNet research as well as Google’s strong neural networks to provide the finest possible quality for your listening experience. The ability to create real-life voice interactions with your users across a variety of apps and devices is possible through Google’s Voice API.

Text to Speech Technology Use cases

Assistive Technology using AI based Voice

Because of Text to Speech, our world is now more accessible to everyone. Individuals with vision impairment, medical issues that have affected their voice, and learning difficulties can benefit from using it as an assistive tool.

Example – It can render academic textbooks and business books etc. in audio format for those who have issues with vision and enable them to learn.

Scalable and flexible

Text to Speech Tech is scalable. You can convert huge amount of text data feeds into voice rendition that’s naturally sounding. A similar project done by human voice is unimaginable. With a fraction of second, you can also add and remove few words or chance the voice based on your requirement. Only AI based text to speech technology can offer such solutions.

Voice Analytics and Custom Voice for your brand:

Voice analytics and NLP technologies are also used in various industries like Banking, Insurance, Telecommunications and Retail. This gives key business insights to the decision makers. It is also possible to create custom voice that suites your brand.

Freshdesk Messaging Live Chat Software
Listnr - Text to Speech Software

1. Listnr

Key features of using Listnr.Tech for your Podcasting and Text to Speech requirements.

1.AI Voice Overs

Consider using the voices from Listnrs as voice-overs for your YouTube videos and blog entries, or to convert your e-books into an audiobook.

2. 100+ Voices

Choose from wide variety of voices from English to Italian.

3. Podcast hosting and distribution

With commercial broadcasting rights, you can convert and distribute your audio anyplace.

4. Automatic RSS Feed of Your Podcast

Every time you add new content, your RSS feed is updated, which means your podcast is updated across all sites on which it has been posted.

Listnr Pricing

Solo – $9/month – 30,000 words/3 Podcast Shows

Startup – $20/month – 100,000 words/5 Podcast shows

Agency – $50/month – With unlimited summaries and Audio player analytics

Information about the parent company – Freshworks

Founder CEO – Anan Batra

Headquarters – India, Founding Year – 2020

Employees – 1 to 10

Revenue – $150k in revenue and 7000 users.


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