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Daily funding newsletter: VC, Angel investment, PE activities in the Startup world

Why should you subscribe to daily funding Newsletters?

It’s important to keep track of VC activities and Funding news if you are an Entrepreneur, especially
in the tech space. I myself plan to do daily videos on top funding activities happening around the world on a daily basis.

As of now, here’s the list of funding news newsletters delivered almost everyday and some might be
weekly funding newsletters.

1. Axios Pro Rata

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VC, PE, M&A News – Axios Pro Rata

Axios has several Newsletters available for you to ready. The one specific to funding news is called Axios Pro Rata.

Take a deep dive into the world of dealmakers in VC, PE, and M&A. With a weekend edition from Kia Kokalitcheva, the finest deals reporter.

Newsletter Frequency: Monday through Saturday.

There’s another Tech related newsletter by Axios called Axios Login which offers tech insights from Silicon Valley and DC for you to consider subscribing.

2.Termsheet by Fortune Magazine

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This is one of the top funding Newsletters to follow if you are a Founder, VC or an Angel investor desiring to keep track of the Startup funding scene. Written by Lucinda Shen, this is one of the top funding Newsletter to subscribe.

To Subscribe to this Newsletter, please scroll down in above link below all the content and you could subsribe.

3.StrictlyVC Newsletter

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Strictly VC by Connie Loizos

StrictlyVC provides in-depth analyses of the technology business as well as funding news. Connie Loizos, the company’s founder, writes for StrictlyVC on venture capital and entrepreneurs. She also works for TechCrunch as the Silicon Valley Editor.

Newsletter Frequency: Monday through Friday.

4.Inside Venture Capital

Subscribe Newsletters publishes 14 newsletters produced by the company’s experts and analysts. They also have a Pro version with an exclusive community for founders.

I will be listing more funding newsletters in the weeks to come.

Write to me to get listed.

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